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Classic Miss Shirly
Here's some old shit I dug up of Miss Shirley. She love taking dick even though she cant and loves creampies..I pounded her ass out good, she know where to come for some hard fucking
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The Cant Take Dick Session With Skylar
She's back but cant take no dick at all. This was a hard session for her..She kept tapping out, but somehow I finished. This the last video of her, enjoy!!
One of my favorite fucks of all times, Miss Cheena returns and gives me all thepussy I want. This one was shot over a year ago, and she got that pussy dug out nice by the dog out master himself..
Cheena Is The Best MILF In Town
U know I had to bring yall to the end first now here's the beginning. This is Karma Phays 1st video when I met her down in PA.  She needed some cash real fast so we filmed this.  Didn't take long before I was in her guts and banging that shit out. We fucked and she left and that was that.  We only shot 2 scenes in all so enjoy this last one.
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Karma Phey's 1st Video
Sassi wanted some dick for weeks so I finally got with her and tought her a good lesson. That pussy wasn't ready for what I had planned. My tongue game had her fucked up 1st then when I fucked her she couldn't take no dick so I fucked her even more. Great non dick taking scene. Had to bedroom bully
Had To Teach Sassi A Lesson
Holly Black's Pussy Got Deeper
Haven't seen her in a minute until the other day when she popped up out of no where, so I said fuck it let me get that pussy. Boy o Boy that pussy got deep from the last time I fucked. I was pounding that shit extra hard and she took it like a champ.  Lets see if she sticks around now